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Welcome to "Develop Your Data Mindset: Essentials of Educational Data Use"

This site provides public access to the "Develop Your Data Mindset: Essentials of Educational Data Use" online curriculum, including curriculum details, Google Slides versions of the modules, interactive Articulate Storyline versions of the modules, PDF curriculum resources, and other relevant information. The curriculum is intended for pre-service and in-service teachers; however, the content may also be valuable to educators in other roles. This website will NOT track your progress as you interact with the content. If you are an in-service or pre-service teacher in North Dakota and would like to formally enroll in a free version of the course that tracks your progress, go to the EduTech website for enrollment instructions. A process for enrolling participants outside North Dakota does not currently exist; however, we are exploring options to make the formal course available to anyone interested.

Thank you for your interest in "Develop Your Data Mindset." Please contact us with any comments or questions.